Apperian update enables partners to customize

Apperian update enables partners to customize apps

Keyideas offers app development support for Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows mobile

News | by CIOL Bureau

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Keyideas. a web design and application development company, has recently expanded and increased their focus on mobile app development with the goal of supporting new businesses.

The reason behind this expansion lies in the fact that small businesses often don’t have the resources or personnel to devote in developing or supporting mobile apps that large companies do.

New businesses are also often at a disadvantage because they don’t have the large budget or the experienced mobile developers that would allow them to jump right into the game. Because of that, they are often at a disadvantage. By leveling the playing field, Keyideas will give these new and small businesses the chance to draw customers away from their larger competitors, according to the comapny release.

Keyideas employs a professional, experienced team of mobile app developers to design, build, and publish apps for Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows mobile. Many of these apps are created using a combination of JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, and cloud storage.

This enables the Keyideas programmers to create hybrid applications for clients that are not platform-dependent. All of the apps developed by Keyideas are done using a set of cross-platform development tools that allow them to create apps that will reach all of a client’s customers no matter what platform a customer uses.

While designing apps for current platforms has always been a focus for the company, Keyideas also strives to master app development for new and emerging platforms. To that end, customers can work with the company to create apps for the latest versions of iOS, Android, and Windows mobile.

Shreyes Kejariwal, CEO of Keyideas, said: “Our mobile development team has responded to every challenge our small business customers have thrown at them, and we look forward to being the go-to resource for any business that needs mobile apps developed.”

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