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History [ edit ]

Appear’s founding is the result of joint research between three leading universities: Harvard Business School (HBS), M.I.T. MediaLab (MIT) and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

In 2000, initial research was conducted on context-aware services and local wireless broadband networks -both at KTH and HBS, under the project name “Bluesolid”. Meanwhile in Stockholm, a team of KTH engineers designed the first prototype of a mobile middleware platform.

Then in 2001, Bluesolid officially became Appear Networks and corporate headquarters were established in Stockholm, Sweden. As of mid-2014, the company remains privately held.

Products [ edit ]

Appear IQ 8 (AIQ8). available both as a turnkey solution and a hosted service, provides a scalable and holistic approach to enterprise mobility. [citation needed ] Core modules include support for cross-platform application development using HTML5 and native application development. Template applications exist for Travel, Transport and Field Service applications.

Appear IQ supports iPhones, iPads, Android based phones and tablets as well as Windows Mobile based devices. [citation needed ]

Awards [ edit ]

  • 2013 Computer Weekly User Award – Cloud Innovation [ 1 ]
  • 2011 Global AirRail Award [ 2 ]
  • 2011 IT Europa Excellence Award [ 3 ]
  • 2010 IT Europa Excellence Award [ 4 ]
  • 2007 Cisco Networkers Award [ 5 ]
  • 2005 Frost & Sullivan Technology Award [ 6 ]
  • 2004 IST Prize (European Community Award)

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