AppArchitect Lets Anyone Build iOS Apps, No Coding

AppArchitect Lets Anyone Build iOS Apps, No Coding Or Templates Necessary

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Easy app creation, outside of the land of Ruby and Python, has become a huge phenomenon in the last year. And the latest company to join the fold,AppArchitect. is launching straight from our Disrupt NY stage.

AppArchitect lets you build custom iPhone and iPad apps using a simple drag-and-drop interface. That’s right — you need zero coding experience to build your own iPhone app. It’s a brand new world.

Once you log in to the AppArchitect system, you’ll be asked whether you want to make an iPad or iPhone app. From there, you head straight into a dashboard complete with a Screens tab, Library tab with default background and picture options, and a Properties tab where you can handle styling. You can drag and drop backgrounds, images, add text, maps, or links.

From there, you can test and review your app before submitting it to the App Store for approval.

According to co-founder Ilya Zatulovskiy, AppArchitect is unique within the competitive landscape because the app gives you the option to do your own thing, without any templates to get in the way. Of course, you can always choose to use a template if you’d like, but people who want to get really creative have the freedom to expand outside of the template format.

In fact, one of the few apps you probably couldn’t build within the platform would be a game. “The platform is fully extendable,” said Zatulovskiy. “Since each plugin is written in Objective C, any feature requirements can be implemented via our SDK.”

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