Android app development V’s iOS app development, which

Android app development V’s iOS app development, which one is the best for investment?

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Android has already covered a huge market of mobile app development, but still great apps are initiated from Apple. Before you decide to choose any of them for investment in

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“>mobile application s, you must go through the data presented below.

Android has hit the biggest market of App store while iOS is also not left behind in this race. Both of them have a great impact on some factors like number of downloads, revenue, top countries using mobile apps, etc. Android had made a great impact on number of downloads while iOS is still responsible for higher earnings through iPhone apps.

App Downloads

Since the android launched, it is continuously growingits number of users with millions of downloads. In 2013, Android app downloads exceeded the iOS app downloads by 35%. Reports byApp Annie  shows that in first quarter of 2014, Android app downloads have already exceeds the iOS app downloads by 45%. No doubt that at the end of the year 2014, again Android will win the race with iOS in respective of number of downloads.

App Revenue

In respective of revenue, reports say that Apple is still at first. Good news for iPhone app investors is that Apple generates 85% more revenue as compared to Android apps. So don’t worry, if your main aim is to make money from your iPhone app as Apple is the winner in generating highest revenue.

Number of Users for Android and iOS devices

As we know that Android users are drastically more than iPhone users. More than 80% of total devices are of Android while Apple devices are limited to only 13%. This data might make you confuse as if you want to target large number of users, then Android comes first and if you want o target iPhone users with a purpose of earning revenues, then iOS would be the best choice.

Web Traffic Came from Android and iOS devices

Last quarter of 2013 revealed that as compared to Android, iOS users perform more searches on web which means that huge web traffic came from iOS devices.

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