Xcode IDE Source Editor Write code using a professional

Xcode IDE

Source Editor

Write code using a professional editor with advanced code completion, code folding, syntax highlighting, and message bubbles that display warning, errors, and other context-sensitive information inline with your code.

Assistant Editor

The Assistant button splits the editor in two, creating a secondary pane that automatically displays files that are most helpful to you based on the code you are actively editing. It can show the header counterpart, the superclass, callers, callees, or other helpful files.

Version Editor

Xcode’s Version editor displays a running timeline of commits, helps you determine blame, and graphically goes back in time to compare source files, with full support for Subversion and Git source control (SCM) systems.

Interface Builder Built In

Design and test your user interface without writing a line of code, prototype in minutes, then graphically connect your interface to the source within the Xcode editor.

iOS Simulator

With the iOS SDK, Xcode can build, install, run, and debug Cocoa Touch apps in a Mac-based iOS Simulator for a streamlined development workflow.

Integrated Build System

Handles the most complex builds, scaling to maximize the power of multi-core Macs, and will automatically sign, provision, and install iPad and iPhone apps onto a device.


The powerful open-source LLVM compiler for C, C++, and Objective-C is built into Xcode and available from Terminal. With it, your code compiles quickly, and is optimized by Apple to produce blazing-fast apps specifically tuned for the CPUs in iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Debug your app directly within the Xcode editor. Hover over any variable to drill into its contents, use Quick Look to see the data it contains, or right-click to add the variable to the watch list.

Xcode Server, a feature of OS X Server, controls server-side bots that continuously build, analyze, test, and even archive your Xcode projects. The Xcode IDE configures these bots, analyzes nightly build and test results, and can track down which check-in broke the build.

The asset catalog editor in Xcode manages your app’s images, grouping together various resolutions of the same asset. When building, Xcode compiles the asset catalog into the most efficient bundle for final distribution.

Simply press Cmd-Shift-O to instantly open any file within your workspace using the primary editor, or hold the Option key when selecting a file to open it in the Assistant editor. Open Quickly is an essential tool in any keyboard-driven workflow.

Press a single button to capture a complete representation of the current OpenGL frame from an iOS device. Xcode displays the shader information, and can visually construct how the frame was assembled within the Xcode debugger.

Before performing a risky operation on your project, simply make a Snapshot (or let Xcode automatically do it for you) to save your good state with the confidence that you can easily restore it later.

Search for anything within Xcode and the documentation viewer will find it, either on your Mac or on the Apple Developer website.

Just like a word processor highlights spelling errors, Live Issues highlights common coding mistakes, without the need to click ‘build’ first.

Xcode goes beyond just reporting errors. When you make a coding mistake, Xcode will immediately alert you, and a single keyboard shortcut will instantly fix the issue, so you won’t miss a beat while coding.

Shortened API documentation is displayed while you’re programming, including comments that you write for your code. A brief overview is presented during code completion, with more links and references available within the Utility area.

XCTest APIs make it easy to build unit tests that exercise app functionality and are capable of running on Mac, iPad, iPhone, or the iOS Simulator.

Find bugs in your code before the app is even run by letting the built-in static analyzer try out thousands of possible code paths in a few seconds. You’ll get a report of potential bugs that could have remained hidden or are nearly impossible to replicate.

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