Well, of course we all love Codea

Well, of course we all love Codea. But, it doesn’t mean we only know or only use Codea. Here I want to share all coding apps for iOS that I know.

What I mean by “coding app” is not just a code editor but really an app that let us write, debug, and execute code on iPad directly and offline (no remote server required). I also exclude web based coding apps since they aren’t spesific to iPad and require persistent internet connection.

Basic! — Simple coding app for Basic language. The editor isn’t really good.

Mobile Basic — Another coding app for Basic language. The editor also isn’t really good. But this one has GPS dan native UI support.

Lisping — Lisp/scheme offline interpreter. It has interesting editing concept. I know nothing about Lisp so I can’t say much about this app.

Raskell — Haskell offline interpreter. Interesting vi-like keyboard. From the author of Lisping.

Jasic — JavaScript IDE for iPad. Many advance modules available through in-app purchase.

Node — JavaScript offline interpreter for iOS, specifically using node.js API.

Dringend — Objective C development environment with remote builder (on Mac) and using DropBox for code synchronization. Warning: an Apple’s iOS developer program is required to enable remote builder.

Python for iOS — Simple Python editor and interpreter for iOS. An app for each Python version (from v2.5 to v3.4).

I have all these apps (the list before updated), except Scriptkit. I just love to collect coding apps, though I don’t use them all. I’m a programmer and love to code, after all. But Codea and Pythonista is the app I use oftenly.

Any other coding apps? Please share your coding app that hasn’t yet mentioned with some comments about it. Thank you in advance.

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