Welcome to iTextEditors The iOS Text Editor

Welcome to iTextEditors

The iOS Text Editor roundup

This is a feature comparison of text editors on iOS. The information was compiled by the web community on an open Google spreadsheet. I cannot vouch for its current accuracy, but will be verifying everything as I’m able. It’s meant to help you find the most useful way to write, code or take notes for your personal needs. Every editor is geared toward a slightly different purpose, with their own strengths and focus.

This works best on a wide screen, but if you have to scroll horizontally, the left column with the app names will stay hovered on screen. Hover over an app’s title in the table to see additional features which might not be part of the main chart, and click to scroll to its full data block. Holding down command while hovering over the body of the chart will highlight the current row. Clicking a row will outline it. Clicking a feature header at the top will dim apps which don’t have that feature. App details below the chart are pulled live from the App Store API.

Corrections and additions

This tool is only useful if it’s accurate and up-to-date. I’ll be maintaining it for as long as I’m able. If you’re the developer of an iOS text editing app (or a dedicated user), just use the submission form to request a listing. Corrections welcome, just use the same form and edit only affected fields and/or add a note at the bottom. Be sure to include contact info!

You forgot about…

No, I didn’t. See above. If you Tweet me and tell me I forgot something, I’ll know you didn’t read this.

Shameless self-promotion

If you’re editing Markdown, there’s a great Mac app called Marked that previews your work, updating every time you save. If you’re editing on an iOS Dropbox or iCloud-capable application, you can even preview iOS work on your Mac as the document syncs back to the cloud. It can also export PDFs, Rich Text and HTML with a variety of themes and the ability to customize with CSS. It’s neat. I know because I wrote it.

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