Ultimate List of Mobile App Source

Ultimate List of Mobile App Source Code Marketplaces for iOS and Android

As I begin work on the #OpReskin project. my first step is to find the right app source code marketplace for my needs. After doing some research, I found that there a lot of websites out there that provide a way for users to buy and sell app source code. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best marketplaces that I’ve found. Some sites sell complete source code perfect for app reskinning, while others sell pieces of code that will help you save time during the app development process.

Whenever you buy source code, be sure to read the license agreement so you don’t get yourself into legal trouble. Not all licenses are the same, so be sure you know what you are getting before you make a purchase.

App Reskinning Courses With Source Code

In addition to the app source code marketplaces mentioned below, there are also some online courses available on Udemy that not only teach you the process of app reskinning, but also provides you with complete source codes with unlimited licenses. See:

App Source Code Marketplaces

ChupaMobile appears to be the top marketplace for iOS and Android source code. The marketplace has a wide selection of apps and games to choose from. It is very easy to navigate and users can filter the results by framework. ChupaMobile features complete app templates and partial code to speed up the development of your app.

Apptopia is the premier marketplace for buying the rights to complete apps that are already on the iOS App Store or Google Play marketplace. On Apptopia, you don’t just purchase the source code, you purchase the entire app, including all intellectual property rights, userbase, etc. For this reason, the prices here a generally much more expensive that the other app code marketplaces. However, if you have the money and are looking to add more apps to your portfolio, this is one of the best options out there.

UPDATE: Apptopia has recently redesigned their site and added the ability for users to buy and sell complete app templates.  In addition, they now even offer services to complete aspects of the reskinning and app store submission process for you for an additional fee. Apptopia has a wide range of app templates available, including games, utility and photo apps.

CodeCanyon is part of the Envato family known for the Tutsplus network of sites and ThemeForest.net. This is a great option for users that already have an Envato account which makes it easy to purchase via PayPal. As of this moment, the app code for sale is rather limited in comparison to some of the other app template and source code selling websites. However, the code they do have for sale appear to be of high quality and include ad network integration, etc.

Usually more affordable than other options!

BinPress is a marketplace for open-source projects that includes web, desktop and mobile software projects. The site mostly includes snippets of code to complete your project, but there are a few app starter kits and templates to help you jumpstart your app. The results can be filtered by language and project category.

AppFresh.us features a handful of affordable, high quality mobile game source codes from established genres, including match-3, guess the word, and brick breaker type games. Each source code has ad networks and/or in-app purchases baked in, so they are ready to be reskinned, launched and earning money in a short amount of time. The site is run by Yohann Taieb, the man behind several great app reskinning courses on Udemy, including Make Your Own Candy Crush Game .

I recently completed his Publish Your Flappy Bird Clone iPhone Game  course and I highly recommend it for those of you just starting out. The course helped me get through the tedious process of working with xcode and setting up ad networks. I learned a lot from this course and Yohann is quick to provide guidance and support if you ever run into any problems.

RisingHigh.net currently has a handful of high quality app source for iOS available, including an endless runner game, wallpaper app and puzzle games. Each source code is integrated with popular ad networks such as AppLovin, ChartBoost and Revmob. The apps are fully universal and iOS 7 compatible. They also have an awesome, highly engaged community on Facebook and a great support system to help with any issues that may arise during the reskin process.

  • Flippa

    Flippa is THE place to go to buy and sell websites, but recently they have made in-roads into the mobile app flipping space by adding a section for mobile games and apps. Just like on Apptopia, when you purchase an app on Flippa, you purchase the rights to the entire source code and contents, including the user base, current marketing positions, etc. Purchases are made via an auction system where the highest bidder wins the right to purchase the app or website. Since Flippa just recently launched the mobile app auction section, the selection isn’t as great as Apptopia’s, but I expect it to grow considering Flippa’s growth and dominance in the website flipping space.

  • Bluecloud Solutions

Bluecloud Solutions is the great resource for burgeoning app entrepreneurs. Carter Thomas  is a big name in the app reskinning / app flipping business. On Bluecloud Solutions, Thomas selects only the best full app templates for sale in terms of monetization potential and market fit.

Bright Newt only has a handful of mobile app source codes available. That being said, they are so well designed and easy to reskin that I felt they were worthy of this list. At the moment, most of the source codes are for iOS only, although there is a photo app source code available for Android.The source codes have built-in ad interstitials making it easy to monetize. They also have a very defined list of art assets, making it a somewhat painless reskin process. If you are looking for a simple quiz app, jokes app, or match-3 style mobile game to add to your portfolio, Bright Newt has you covered.

  • Avalanche Mountain Apps

    Avalanche Mountain Apps are the guys behind the successful Avalanche Mountain series of snowboarding games on iOS. They have a small selection of mobile game source codes available, but they are very high quality. Avalanche Mountain was one of the first source codes to be sold commercially by a developer for the purpose of reskinning. Having been a pioneer in this space, Avalanche Mountain knows how to organize their source code in a way that makes the reskinning process as painless as possible.

  • SellMyApp.com

SellMyApp.com is an app marketplace that sells complete app source code. Most of the code available is for iOS, but they also have code for Android, Blackberry and Windows.

CodeStore 4 types of xcode project templates at affordable prices, including comic book app template, story book app template, coloring book app template and a photo showcase app template. Users can also purchase a bundle that contains all 4 templates. Available for iOS and Android.

Sellfy is an ecommerce platform that allows users to create their own, simple shopping portal to sell digital products such as apps, software, ebooks and more. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a way to browse or search for individual Sellfy stores. I found a Sellfy store from developer Darren Gates who sells source code for a few of his apps developed using Corona SDK.

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