Starting iPhone app development in Linux? I’ve heard

Starting iPhone app development in Linux?

I’ve heard that you need to get a Mac if you want to develop iPhone apps. Is this true?

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It seems to be true so far. The only SDK available from Apple only targets the MacOS environment. I’ve been upset about that, but I’m looking into buying a mac now, just to do iPhone development. I really dislike what they are doing, and I hope a good SDK come out for other environments, such as Linux and Windows.

Here’s an article about their general ungoodness regarding the SDK:

The iPhone SDK and free software: not a match

Apple’s recently released a software development kit (SDK) for the iPhone, but if you were hoping to port or develop original open source software with it, the news isn’t good. Code signing and nondisclosure conditions make free software a no-go.

The SDK itself is a free download, with which you can write programs and run them on a software simulator. But in order to actually release software you’ve written, you must enroll in the iPhone Developer Program — a step separate from downloading the SDK, and one that requires Apple’s approval.

I think it’s rather elitist for them to think only macos users are good enough to write programs for their phone, and the fact you need to buy a $100 license if you want to publish your stuff, really makes it more difficult for the hobbyist programmer. Though, if that’s what you need to do, I’m planning on jumping through their hoops; I’d really like to get some stuff developed on my iPhone.

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