Partners In the jungles of Borneo, we say: “ia mengambil


In the jungles of Borneo, we say: “ia mengambil sebuah kampung” – which literally translates as “it takes a village”.

We are proud of our monkeys for having built the best mobile appmaker in the world, but we know that we could not have done it without the amazing help of our partners who are as passionate about mobile apps and building a successful startup as we are.

So we’d like to say a big “Terima Kasih” or thank you to all of our partners. Please check them out, every one of them is great.

When someone comes to Infinite Monkeys to build an iPhone app for their small business they typically don’t want just a one-way brochure. By partnering with WuFoo’s amazingly easy survey/form builder platform our mobile app makers can insert a lead generation form, customer survey or contact form within their mobile app with almost no effort. What we love most about WuFoo (other than the fact that their owned by monkeys ) is that it starts so simply, but once you get in to it, you realize just how powerful it is. Give it a try yourself when you make an app.

A lot of our publishers want to make a mobile app for their music band’s fans. The best way we’ve found to include music tracks within a mobile app is clearly through SoundCloud. No other service has the power for anyone to easily post, host and share their tracks with the world. Whether you are setting up just a mobile app, or an entire social media portfolio including a custom website, Facebook Fanpage, etc – SoundCloud can form the heart of them all, but serving up your music across all devices. It’s great.

If you are running a new startup business, and you’re looking for ways to get your message out to customers and journalists around the world then PRWeb is a great choice. We know, we’ve tried almost all of the competitors and we’ve been blown away by PRWeb. They distribute your content in a 21st century approach. So much more than just a “wire” they actually integrate your social feeds, videos, and mobile app links. Our releases through them are consistently top ranked in Google. Trust us, it’s worth trying.

Someday we will publish more mobile apps than Akamai has servers, but it hasn’t happened yet. We’ve worked with Akamai for years (both for Infinite Monkeys and in our previous ventures) and know of no better way to ensure that your online tools and websites are truly scalable, stable and fast, fast, fast. Their network of servers around the world are super simple to serve through, and they instantly eliminate any latency that you may have, especially in international markets. Both our free App Builder and every time we make an app – they go through Akamai. If you are building an online business, you should too.

We are huge fans of Eric Ries’ work on the Lean Startup .One of the key principles of running a lean startup is “validated learning” – constantly checking in with our customers to see how we are doing, and how we could do it better. One of the very best ways to do that is through Qualaroo – Their simple tool for integrating single question qualitative research and validations into key steps within your business. Whenever we rollout a new feature, we ask our customers: “what do you think?” or “How would you make this step better?” – the results are insightful, fast and free. It’s fantastic.

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