Featured App • Develop iOS applications

Featured App

• Develop iOS applications that utilize ThinkGear technology

• Includes ThinkGear-enabled sample iOS project with full sample code

• Uses the iOS External Accessories API (available in iPhone OS 3.0+) or the ThinkGear iOS API


With the new MindWave Mobile, developers can now create iOS applications that can sense users’ brainwaves.


The ThinkGear iOS API supports the following hardware:

• The MindWave Mobile which connects though an iOS device’s built in Bluetooth

• Compatible devices which plug into the iOS device’s audio jack

Using the ThinkGear iOS API

For most applications, using the ThinkGear iOS API is recommended. It reduces the complexity of managing ThinkGear accessory connections and handles parsing of the data stream from these ThinkGear accessories. To make a brainwave-sensing application, all you need to do is to import a library, add the requisite setup and teardown functions, and assign a delegate object to which accessory event notifications will be dispatched.

Some limitations of the ThinkGear iOS API include:

• Can only communicate with one attached ThinkGear-enabled accessory

• Depending on the value of the user-configured event dispatch interval, some data received from the headset may be discarded

The thinkgear_ios_api_reference contains descriptions of the classes and protocols available in the ThinkGear iOS API.

The ThinkGear iOS SDK also includes the ThinkGearTouch sample project (contained in src/ ), which is a simple UITableView-based iOS application that displays the data coming from a MindSet headset.

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