Create an Application from Scratch

Create an Application from Scratch

If QuickBase’s pre-built templates don’t address your needs, you can create your own application from scratch. Starting from scratch lets you lay out the basic structure of your application before entering any data. You define the application by specifying the initial tables, fields and relationships between tables.

QuickBase lets you choose two different methods to create an application from scratch:

Database style—When you create an app using database style, QuickBase gives you a very simple interface, similar to one you’d use to create any other database. You give the application a name, and then create the tables, and fields that will comprise your app.

Create an application: Database style

Fill in the information as necessary, naming the application, and creating and naming tables.  For each table:

Name each field and specify its field type.

Click OK .

You can also choose to define relationships in multi-table application. Here, you simply identify the Master and Details table in each relationship and click Add a Relationship. (For more information, see About relationships .)

Create an application: Spreadsheet style

If you choose to create an application spreadsheet style, you’ll be able to create only a single table initially. Once the app has been created, you can add tables at any time.

Click the From Scratch tab.

Make sure Spreadsheet is selected on the left.

Name the application. The application name will also be used as the name of your first table.

Define the fields in your table by entering Field Labels in the grid on the screen. Note: You can enter data into this grid as you would enter it into a spreadsheet.

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