Computer Science S-76 Today’s applications

Computer Science S-76

Today’s applications are increasingly mobile. Computers are no longer confined to desks and laps but instead live in our pockets and hands. This course teaches students how to build mobile apps for iOS, one of today’s most popular platforms. Students learn to write native and web apps for iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads using Xcode and the iOS SDK.

Computer Science E-76 is a course at Harvard Extension School (also known as Computer Science S-76 at Harvard Summer School ).

Even if you are not a student at Harvard, you are welcome to “take” this course via by following along via the Internet. (The course’s own website is at .) Available at left are videos of lectures along with PDFs of projects. Sample solutions to the latter are not available, but if you have questions or would like to discuss the material with others, do join the course’s Google Group .

Special thanks to Rob Bowden, R.J. Aquino, and Chris Gerber, Summer 2013’s teaching fellows. And special thanks to Dan Coffey, Shelley Westover, Ramon Galvan, and Colton Ogden for the course’s videos.

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