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How to Find iOS Apps

Apple apps bring your iPad and iPhone to life with functionality for any circumstance. With the myriad of apps to choose from, however, it can be difficult to pick the best ones for you. Read this buying guide so you know how to find the most popular iPhone or iPad apps that will meet your needs.

  • Genre. You should first identify the type of app that you want. Apps are grouped by genre, ranging from lifestyle to travel to music and sports. Whether you want to test your knowledge with a trivia game or keep track of your financial spending, it is important to determine the app type you need.
  • Price. An additional element to take into consideration is the retail price of the app. Some apps are free and others cost upwards of $500, so make sure you are looking at apps within your budget range.
  • Recommended Age. It is also important to consider the recommended age group when choosing apps. For instance, adults don’t want to be bored with a game intended for pre-teens, just as young children won’t want to be frustrated with an app that is too challenging for their age group.
  • Supported Devices. Before buying an app, it is imperative to verify that it is compatible with your device. You don’t want to spend money on an app, only to find that it cannot function on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Whether you need new games or new reading material, our iOS Apps Comparison tool will allow you to quickly search and find the most popular iPhone or iPad apps within your desired genre and price range. Read the rest of our guide to see what other criteria to consider when buying apps, or start your search now to find the app you’ve been looking for.

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