C# &.NET Why you’ll love Xamarin

C# & .NET

Why you’ll love Xamarin.iOS.

Xamarin.iOS makes creating iPhone and iPad apps easier than ever before.

Cross platform development

Thinking about supporting Android in the future? Reuse up to 90% of your existing C# code when porting from iOS to Android with Xamarin.Android .

Discover iOS as you type

Explore APIs as you type with code autocompletion.

iOS 7 ready

Xamarin.iOS provides full access to iOS APIs. Take advantage of the entire spectrum of rich functionality supplied by the latest version of the platform.

Reuse existing code

Use your favorite .NET libraries in Xamarin.iOS applications. Easily bind third-party native libraries and frameworks. Or use the Xamarin Component Store, which offers dozens of third-party libraries packaged for instant adoption.

Xcode 4 and UI designer integration

Use Xcode 4’s powerful UI designer to create interfaces and Storyboards that automatically sync with your Xamarin.iOS project.

Up to date

Xamarin.iOS is frequently updated and ready with all of the latest iOS features—typically on the same day that Apple releases a platform update!

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