Best way to develop iPhone apps without

Best way to develop iPhone apps without a Mac and OSX

Android development is pretty straightforward: get Eclipse, add Google’s software source for ADT, and install the tools and SDK. Now Eclipse is a full out Android development platform and supports various versions of the Android kernel.

As for iOS (iPhone and iPad) development, I was told that the best way to make them is to use Xcode running on OSX due to the level of support for the Objective C language. For us that don’t own the Apple hardware on the desktop or phone side, is there any hope for us in GNU/Linux land to make apps for it? I know that Apple is proprietary software and doesn’t like the GPL that much, but it has a large marketshare and most of us can settle for MIT or Apache 2 licences to get our work to the large audience.

I’m asking those who have had experience doing iOS apps on GNU/Linux and have stuck with free tools and Objective C implentations available to us. I’ve researched on Google and talked to friends and I get the same answer: buy a Mac.

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